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FOB Synthesis Inc. is a privately owned and funded hybrid chemical company based in Kennesaw, Georgia which focuses on drug discovery, antibacterial tests and custom synthesis. Founded in January 2000, FOB Synthesis was designed from its conception as a revenue-generating drug discovery company, the purpose of which was to stretch every investment dollar raised and thus, increasing our chances for success.
At FOB Synthesis, our skilled and experienced team of chemist can provide custom syntheses of almost any organic compound. We offer preparation of intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials and derivatives of lead compounds. All compounds produced in our facility are made to order in scales ranging from milligram to multi-gram quantities. And through our affiliation with ID Bio chem, we can also provide multi-kilogram quantities of GLP and GMP materials.
FOB Synthesis Inc. offers antibacterial tests for the antibiotic development. Our skilled and experienced team of microbiology has decades of experience in clinical microbiology and antibiotic development. We can perform narrow, broad spectrum screening against G(-)/(+) bacteria and you can customize your own screen from our library of bacterial strains