Antibacterial Susceptibility Tests

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Expansion of our drug discovery project has allowed us to offer Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing as an available service for contract.

We can perform either directed screening (gram-positive only, gram-negative only, MRSA only, VRE only, PRSP only, etc.), broad spectrum screening, or you can customize your own screen from our library of bacterial strains.


1.  MIC(Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) Tests


- Broth Dilution Method.

- Agar Dilution Method.

- Bacterial strains for MIC (Minimal Inhibitory Concentration ) Test



Gram Positive Menu

Gram Negative Menu


2.  Bacteria Identification


- Staphylococci spp.

-  Streptococci spp.

-  Enterococci spp.


3. Population analysis of Bacteria

4. In Vitro Post Antibiotic Effect

5. Bacterial Inoculums size effect

6. Time Kill Study of Antibiotics