FOB Synthesis, Inc. Announces Option and License Agreement with AstraZeneca on Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infections

KENNESAW, Ga.--()--FOB Synthesis, Inc. has entered into a research and development option and license agreement with AstraZeneca for the development of a novel antibiotic to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections. The treatment will potentially combine compounds from AstraZeneca's preclinical beta lactamase inhibitor (BLI) and FOB Synthesis' preclinical Carbapenem antibiotic programs to help break down bacteria's resistance to carbapenems.

Carbapenem antibiotics have been developed and used widely for bacterial infections. However, the drug resistance bacteria have reduced the value of antibacterial chemotherapy recently. In addition, the carbapenem-resistant (CR) of gram-negative bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii, Klebsiella pneumoniae, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa have accordingly increased all over the world. Investigational carbapenem antibiotics developed by FOB Synthesis, FSI-1671 and FSI-1686, will be examined for the treatment of MDR Gram-negative bacterial infection. Combining a carbapenem with a BLI may allow a novel treatment of the multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Dr. Woo-Baeg Choi, FOB Synthesis' Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are pleased with further development of our carbapenem antibiotics in combination of AstraZeneca's BLI program, and we are confident with AstraZeneca's expertise in the anti-infective field for the successful development of this combination therapy." FOB Synthesis was counseled by Lynn Scott, from Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, GA.

Under the terms of the agreement, AstraZeneca will develop investigational combinations of compounds through Phase I during the option phase. AstraZeneca will be solely responsible for the development and commercialization of the candidate combination compound through the option phase, and thereafter if the option is exercised by AstraZeneca. Financial details are not to be disclosed under the agreement at this time.

About FOB Synthesis, Inc.

FOB Synthesis, Inc. is a chemistry-driven drug discovery and custom synthesis company dedicated to discovering new therapeutic agents for the treatment of life-threatening infectious diseases. The company's extensive background in synthetic, organic and medicinal chemistry has played a critical role in its success of identifying a novel class of carbapenem antibiotics.
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